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Want A Free Car?
Learn How You Can Drive A
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Get A Free Car
Drive A Brand New Car For Free.
Just Pay Gas & Insurance.
Get A New Car For Free
Free Cars Are Available In Your
Area. Learn How You Can Get One...
Get A Free Brand New Car
Get The Keys To A Brand New Car
Just Pay Gas & Insurance.

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There are some great tips on the following pages that will help you optimize your PPC campaigns

1. 31 Killer Writing Adwords Ads Tips

2. 15 Tips For Adwords Newbies

3. 49 Tips For Using Adwords

Free Car Solution Articles

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Article 1 - Learn How You Can Drive For Cash - Download

Article 2 - Discover The Simple Methods You Can Use To Drive For Money - Download

Article 3 - Some Tips On How To Get A Free Car In Your Area - Download

Free Car Solution Forum Signatures

Forums are a good way to get targeted people to go to your landing page that are aready invested in the niche product that you selling. Below you find a list of popular auto forums. Please do now spam these forums with blatant sales pitches. You will most likely get banned and/or labelled as a spammer which means zero sales.

The best way to approach selling on a forum is to get actively involved. Answer peoples questions, ask your own questions, become a part of the community. If you add value to the community people will take notice of your signiture and check out your site.

Auto Car Forums:
Automotive Forums - Auto Forums - Car Forums - Auto Forum Universe - Auto Support Forum
Auto Geek Online - - Car Junkies - Auto Repair

Another good source of forums for this niche is the work from home forums:

Work From Home Forums:
Work At home Forum - Work At Home Forum - Why Do Work Forum - Work From Home Board
Honest Work From Home - HomeWorking Forum - Talk Home Business

Forum Signature Ideas:

Get Paid To Drive Your Own Car Today

Get A Brand New Free Car - No Catches - No Hidden Fees

Need A Free Car? Then Click This Link!

Learn How You Can Drive For Cash!

Can't Afford A car? Then Learn How You Can Get A Free One

Yahoo Answers is another good place to answers peoples questions and use your landing page as a source of the information.

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